Re: “Omak Library may close if anti-mask aggression continues” [Nov. 25, Northwest]:

I have friends in this quaint little town in Eastern Washington that I love to visit.

If library patrons choose not to mask up, not to follow the mandate of our state, they shouldn’t put themselves in places where they potentially endanger others as transmitters of this virus we desperately need to control. Don’t go to public libraries; use the curbside service they provide.

And spitting on library personnel and cursing — totally disgusting!

I’m tired of “your rights” versus everyone else’s. Where has all of this gotten us? The loss of something like 800,000 citizens of the United States and still climbing. Hospitals are filled with the unvaccinated, and the medical personnel are drowning. Help our businesses and activities come back to life, instead of refusing to don a mask and impeding them.

I have been, like so many others, wearing masks for the better of two years to protect you. Stop acting like children or, should I say, children have more sense. Wearing masks doesn’t seem to bother most of them. Grow up!

Rosetta Smith, Bothell