You may have noticed me walking into your establishment, then turning around and walking out. This is my new norm. Several local businesses I have recently entered have chosen not to follow the mask mandate — neither staff nor customers.

This letter is not about customers — I cannot do a thing about their choices. I can, however, choose to boycott all businesses that do not mandate staff to mask up. This may mean that I wind up at a big-box store or on Amazon. Do they need my business? No. But local small businesses do.

I am sick and tired of trying to be nice and politically correct regarding “rights.” I will not confront, nor get into an argument, nor attempt to prove a point with you. Rather, what I will do is to keep my dollars out of your pockets. So much for supporting local businesses. If you refuse to support your neighbors’ and customers’ health, then I definitely will not support your livelihoods.

Lisa Davidson, Ellensburg