Regarding: “Businesses should continue indoor masking policies or check vaccine cards in King County, health officials say” [May 20, Health]:

Dr. Jeff Duchin of Public Health — Seattle & King County lamented as “counterproductive” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s pronouncement relaxing masking requirements for fully vaccinated people. The CDC is merely following through with its task to supply the public with accurate public-health information — something we can be thankful for as it concerns the recently departed administration’s lies and incompetence.

Is there really a debate that what the CDC said is true, that fully vaccinated people are essentially free to mingle (a few exceptions) as they could pre-COVID-19? In other words, the vaccines work, probably better than we hoped. Yay?

The real problem is that political officials now have to deal with the implications of that reality. Fully vaccinated people should be free to set their own course. Anti-vaxxers will seek to capitalize on that opening. Some people who want to be vaccinated are not yet there. The CDC has reported the science accurately. Public officials have to apply that science to practical realities on the ground. The system is working. Do your job and own the heat.

Shea Wilson, Seattle