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According to headlines, Washington lawmakers are trying to divert marijuana tax revenues to fund general education instead of prevention and treatment services (SB 6062).

Prevention coalitions and youth treatment organizations like Daybreak Youth Services help keep and get kids away from drugs through dedicated public health dollars like this. Voters wanted it dedicated to prevention and treatment. Ignoring that harms everyone.

The community must understand the real risks of using pot at young ages. That message cannot get out effectively without funding.

Organizations like Daybreak Youth Services cannot provide adequate treatment without funding. Public health dollars should not be spent on other areas just because the Legislature screwed up.

These are essential services. Narrow-thinking, reactive lawmakers are putting their hands into the pot cookie jar.

Dismantling one of the best parts of Initiative 502 to band-aid the Legislature’s epic education failure is not good governance.

Moving that money is not leadership or budgeting.

It is theft.

Delena Meyer, Vancouver