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Reading the editorial “Questions on transit need clear answers,” [Opinion, April 3] I was struck by your board’s apparent self-conflict.

King County Executive Dow Constantine’s example of general-purpose highway lanes as a comparison for light-rail capacity was a focus of the editorial. Casting this comparison as unfair due to the capacity bus lanes add obscures a basic fact. Fourteen general-purpose lanes is an enormous amount of capacity, pedantic point aside. More capacity than buses. No one is building a new 14-lane highway.

The editorial was not without merit. The Times asked “What effect would at-grade rail and dedicated bus corridors have on roads?” The implication, that at-grade rail would negatively impact traffic on a very busy corridor both during construction and after operations begin is correct: We need grade separated rail to Ballard. Transit riders and drivers will agree.

The Times added, “The reliability of light-rail trains far exceeds freeway travel.” There it is: The importance of getting people to where they need to be reliably and quickly cannot be overstated. Now is the time to invest in our future. Let’s work to make Sound Transit 3 better, not second guess its value.

Keith Kyle, Seattle