Re: “MacKenzie Scott to share donation details in ‘year to come’ ” [Dec. 9, Business]:

I applaud Scott for doing exactly what she wants to do with her money. She is doing wonderful, generous things. Money thoughtfully donated with no strings attached and no continuing expectations is the right thing to do as well as being cost effective. No one is asking all the rest of the us who donate to explain who and why we do what we do.

Her funding of who she thinks are deserving recipients who are rarely considered is a breath of fresh air. It’s truly amazing what even a small amount of money can do for organizations and foundations that do boots-on-the-ground work. There are so many doing great work who are ignored by the wealthy.

It’s her money! The public’s opinion, other foundations’ opinions, “experts’ ” and snoopy other wealthy people’s opinions are hogwash. She is doing what she feels is right and helpful. Nothing has indicated she is doing something wrong or out of the ordinary.

Consider other possible options: She could hoard it all and leave it to a favorite pet.

Leave her alone. She’s obviously a smart lady making heartfelt, generous decisions as we all strive to do.

Cheri Barnard, Olympia