Re: “Lummi Nation carvers and allies to embark on national tour to D.C., give totem pole to President Biden” [April 12, Local] The article brought tears to my eyes. The Native American tribes are committed to the environment, especially saving endangered species like chinook salmon that are such an integral part of their culture. Because I personally believe in earth honoring tradition it was especially emotional for me.

Northwest salmon runs are on the brink of extinction and are the main food source of the southern resident orca population. Many types of mitigation need to be instituted to save the salmon including stopping ocean pollution, restoring habitat and removing barriers to salmon breeding including breaching the four lower Snake River dams. The dams not only impede salmon returning to spawn, but hot water in the reservoirs kill young salmon trying to return to the sea.

I ask Sen. Maria Cantwell and Rep. Derek Kilmer (please ask your elected official) to support Snake River dam breaching. Our salmon and orca can’t wait. To quote the article, “all things deserve respect and honor.”

Leslie Kreher, Monroe