Re: “Inslee, Washington state Democrats discuss delaying WA Cares long-term care payroll tax” [Dec. 3, Local News]:

This law and faux income tax is wrong and misses the point on so many levels that the only “refinement” of this legislation, scheduled to begin in Jan. 1 2022, is a removal of it from the laws of the state.

It may very well be that those who crafted the bill, supported it and signed it into law recognized that this is a problem in our society that needs to be addressed. But this bill falls far short of what’s really needed, so much so that the $36,500 payout is literally chump change when it comes to the costs of long-term care and its ancillary services. It is possible for some workers to continue to pay for this tax yet never see any benefits.

So yes, Gov. Jay Inslee, stop this horse from ever leaving the barn.

Richard Brody, Mercer Island