My brother Scott was born with muscular dystrophy. Family members acting as caregivers for seniors or those with long-term disabilities have better access to assistance than my family in the 1970s. Three years ago, I volunteered to the Kitsap Aging & Long-Term Care (LTC) Council and now chair this talented group of volunteers.

The council’s mission is to work independently and through community partnerships to promote the well-being of older adults, adults with disabilities and their caregivers so they can live with respect and dignity, and remain in their homes. As it relates to older adults and those with disabilities, the Build Back Better framework “delivers affordable, high-quality care for older Americans and people with disabilities in their homes, while supporting the workers who provide this care.”

Washington passed legislation to address the needs of an aging state. HB 1218 improves the health, safety and quality of life for long-term care residents. HB 1411 helps by expanding the health care workforce eligibility.

Passing the Build Back Better Plan helps the Kitsap Aging & LTC Council and the councils across Washington state to continue to provide our current services and allow us to expand on issues like social isolation going forward.

Steven P. McMurdo, Poulsbo