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In this modern age when we know so much about the dangers of lead that we’ve removed it from gasoline and house paint, I read with great interest the article on lead poisoning from gun ranges specifically those used to train law-enforcement personnel [“Lead exposure puts officers’ lives at risk,” Page One, April 12].

I am truly shocked at the cavalier disregard for the health and safety of our law-enforcement personnel by the police agencies (and, by extension, municipal government) with respect to lead poisoning at gun ranges. It appears to be a prevalent problem throughout the country. If the police administrators have such little regard for the health and safety of the police force and their families, how can we expect them to have any respect or concern for the health and safety of those whom they are supposed to serve and protect?

I would like very much to see a follow-up article from the perspective of the mental-health professionals on the behavioral changes in adults with brain damage caused by lead poisoning.

Fred Becker, Lake Forest Park