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While I appreciate the detailed news that the richest people are saving millions in a private tax system [“Richest saving millions in private tax system,” Page One, Dec. 30], it should not come as a surprise to anyone. This state of affairs has been slowly corrupting our form of government for years.

What should surprise us is that Congress will not enact legislation to change this unfair tax system. Indeed, politicians play an integral part in perpetuating it. Why would they change a system in which they count themselves among its greatest beneficiaries?

If this corrupt use of power is really a big problem, why will no presidential candidate except Bernie Sanders address it directly? Sanders has been giving incessant, passionate speeches about this important issue for many years. But, alas, I fear his message is going unheeded. He is flying a kite in a hurricane.

If our democratic republic is devolving into a plutocracy run by the wealthy and their political puppets, it is because so few people want to even see the elephant in the room, let alone do anything about it.

Steven Lequire, Des Moines