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Litter knows no economic boundaries.

As the density of our city increases, the need to preserve our green spaces also increases. As I walk by the ball fields and the tennis courts near Green Lake and the trails in Woodland Park, I see candy wrappers, used needles, designer water bottles, coffee cups from expensive coffee vendors next to beer cans, piles of garbage next to tents, toilet paper at the base of trees. Some of this litter is from encampments in the park and some of it is from athletic teams using the fields and tennis courts. The litter is not only in our parks. It is along the roadway to the zoo and scattered around the bus stops.

These areas have trash cans and recycling containers! All of this litter impacts the use of the park and other public space for everyone. The green spaces in a city that is getting more and more crowded become increasingly valuable. What has happened in our society to personal responsibility and pride in where we live?

Please, people, just pick up after yourself and we would all benefit.

Denice Chase, Seattle