Thanks to Danny Westneat for a timely and cogent column about the seething right-wing irrationality that has so completely mesmerized a large sector of the American electorate [“Here’s why some Republicans keep pushing big election lies,” Jan. 8, Local News].

It is an undeniable triumph of interminable propaganda streaming on specific sectors of TV, radio and anti-social media — an amalgam constituting a noxious nexus of alluring mendacity. Drenched daily in lies and misinformation, willing recipients are recruited into the rancid ranks of the Big Lie. It is a formidable phenomenon and must be met head on.

In 1935, our first American Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Sinclair Lewis, penned the novel “It Can’t Happen Here” about the fascist takeover of American society. It is a cautionary tale. Lewis’ warning is ever relevant. Yes, it could happen here. Let’s make sure it doesn’t.

Joe Martin, Seattle