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Editor, The Times:

Rep. Joel Kretz’s, R-Wauconda, lamentations ring hollow when he complains that “urban legislators” are at fault for the lack of fire prevention and fighting funds [“Legislature takes heat for squeezed fire budgets,” Local News, Aug. 24].

The actual fault lies with Republican legislators, urban and rural, who refuse to restore funding lost in ill-conceived actions. They, at the state and federal levels, repeatedly resist every effort to prevent the calamities, including dramatic increases in fire danger and impacts, caused by climate change.

He is quoted saying, “I’ll do everything I can to bring the enormity of the damage … to the legislative hearing rooms.” I doubt he will. More likely, as a Republican, he will continue along with his party to persist in the delusion that we don’t have a need or obligation to care for the environment and that it is possible to fund the basic needs we have without raising revenue to provide those funds.

I am weary of seeing this hypocrisy from his party. We have been warned for decades about the dangers of climate change, and those dangers are now coming to pass. Lack of action has been almost exclusively due to Republican intransigence. It is disingenuous for any Republican to lay the blame for these problems at the feet of anyone but themselves.

Peter Duniho, Kirkland