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Kat Sims argues powerfully for area residents to support increasing density within urban areas. What she and other pro-growth proponents don’t address is the basic infrastructure required to keep these environments clean and healthy. Thousands of potential new residents will all want showers, will flush toilets, do their laundry, etc. How much expansion of the future water supply is being considered? In view of climate change and aging dam structures, what steps are being taken by planners and developers to ensure access to water to support this growth? And wastewater removal and treatment — how will the capacity at the West Point, Renton and Brightwater treatment plants be affected by the addition of increased water use as well as stormwater runoff from additional roofs, driveways, and roads?

I would like to see more thought (and more reporting) given to how our already stressed infrastructure will be improved to support large numbers of new residents before additional thought is given to where and how to build more and more units.

Diane Steen, Seattle