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In regard to the issues presented in the article “State not joining revolt against Common Core learning model” [Local News, Feb. 21], I found the lack of concern for the national government’s intervention in education a bit disturbing.

As a college student pursuing a career in education, the one thing that I look forward to is teaching my students in creative ways unique to my own classroom. These guidelines seem to strip teachers of that freedom.

The power given solely to state government is already limited. If we let our national government step into one of the few aspects of our state that we control, what power do we actually control?

Yes, these standards raise expectations from Washington students, but we can form these standards ourselves. If we continue to teach according to the Common Core learning model, we should at least receive compensation through more funding from our national government.

Lack of funding is already a concern. We just need to learn to compromise instead of staying passive.

Hannah Del Rosario, Bellingham