For students who have internet access, go ahead and teach lesson plans with the current technology. But, for the others, why not simply mail lessons and have the students mail back completed assignments, possibly with postage paid by the school districts? This is standard practice in many organizations to use whatever medium is available to connect with the members, be it with emails, phone calls or mail.

Why should the administrators or unions dictate to and restrict the methods of teaching?

Professional teachers are taught to create their good, acceptable lesson plans when going through educational courses in colleges and universities. Surely they know better than “authorities” what works best for each student since they are working with the students throughout the school year on a day-to-day basis.

The love of learning comes through many and varied methods, not just through usage of a computer. Give our teachers the chance to teach every student with more means than just through computers.

Virginia L. Padden-Sollitt, Kirkland, retired educator