Re: “Legislature should return to pass transportation package” [May 4, Opinion]:

Gov. Jay Inslee, Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and Speaker Laurie Jinkins should kindly and diligently “strike while the iron’s hot” and convene a special session to pass the transportation package or their carbon-reduction proposal may be dead in the water.

I’m concerned not only with the points made in the editorial requesting that session, but watching the federal trend, the midterms may spell trouble for Democrats’ control of the House.

Moreover, lawmakers have the option of returning virtually to a special session, which is certainly far less disruptive to them, and hopefully capitalizing on the momentum from this past productive session to pass the transportation package, which is sorely necessary for our state’s infrastructure.

I understand lawmakers are exhausted, but they should not allow time to not be on their side. Too much can happen between now and next session to take the wind out the sail necessary to pass a decent transportation package, and watch that and the climate dominoes collapse.

Like the commercial says, “Just do it.”

Michael B. Goldenkranz, Seattle