Re: “Tilting Left, Then Right” [Letter to the editor, April 8]:

Actually, my experience is just the opposite of Jeffrey Weiser’s. When I was in college, I voted for Barry Goldwater, and had a copy of “Conscience of a Conservative” on my bookshelf. I was driven by ideology, and had little regard for those around me.

Since then, I’ve come to understand that a lot of my success has come from my good fortune to live in a country where we all benefit from the common good. I don’t resent paying taxes that end up helping others, because that also helps me.

I know the meaning of the saying: “True compassion knows no ideology, and true ideology knows no compassion.” I also understand my responsibility to obey the scriptural commands to heal the sick, help the poor, welcome the stranger, visit the captive, and feed the hungry.

Lloyd Condra, Woodinville