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On a recent Sunday afternoon, my dog, Max, was killed by an unleashed dog.

The unleashed dog ran down our street and sank his teeth into Max’s neck. The owner of the dog ran over, trying to help, too late. Max’s life was over in seconds.

We are devastated. Our home will never be the same.

When we confronted the owner, we learned she had only had the dog for one year, letting him off-leash because they were “nearly home.”

While it may be tempting to allow your dog freedom here in the Pacific Northwest, unleashing your dog is against the law. Thinking that your dog could never commit such a gruesome act is delusional. It is our responsibility to control our pets for the safety of those around us. Seattle Animal Control informed us that our case had been the third such case in a week. This was an unnecessary tragedy that could have been prevented.

Sarah H. Chung, Seattle