Giving tenants the ability to stay in a rental, not pay rent and not be removed causes investment landlords to sell properties they own in Seattle and invest elsewhere. This is diminishing available rentals.

I had planned on building an accessory dwelling unit in my home and perhaps a detached additional dwelling unit to provide affordable rental real estate and additional retirement income. I can no longer take the chance that my rights will be legislated away along with my ability to control who is living inside my own home.

I have no idea what Seattle and Washington state lawmakers are thinking. This is causing a huge increase in our housing crisis and the homeless situation. The homelessness crisis cannot be solved on the backs of small real estate investors.

Sanity must return, and landlords must retain control of the investments they are making. If tenants want or need control of the property in which they are living, they can buy their own home. If they cannot afford to buy in Seattle, they can buy in another area.

Donna Wood, lifetime Seattleite, homeowner, real estate broker