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In response to Nicole Brodeur’s column, “Free tampons in school bathrooms? A 14-year-old girl made it happen“:

While I agree that tampons should be available in schools, there is a glaring aspect to this story that has gone unaddressed. What if this young woman had needed feminine protection while she was at Safeway, McDonalds or a concert, perhaps? Or any other place you can think of. Should she depend on the foresight of other people to stock the restrooms of these establishments with feminine products? Of course not.

Sadly, her mother didn’t prepare her adequately for the eventuality of her approaching menstrual cycle. She should have familiarized her with the different types of products available, how to use them, and made sure she had the products with her in case of an emergency.

It puzzles me a bit that her mother would characterize the situation as being sexist when I’m sure that there were an adequate number of female faculty who should have noticed the lack of feminine protection in the ladies room. It may be, however, that it’s just easier to blame the janitor.

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Tom Ancich, Coupeville