It was good to read that labor is achieving legislative gains for working people [“How unions are racking up new wins in Democratic-controlled Washington state,” Aug. 2, Local News]. But this newfound power of unions does not really come from their association with Democrats but rather from workers’ increased willingness to strike, fight for better working conditions like COVID-19 protections and to generally raise their voices on and off the job.

All the whining about “outsized power” from Republicans and conservative Democrats is a little rich. After all, the wealthy and corporations still throw their weight around. We still have a terribly regressive tax system, and the tax breaks handed out to Boeing and others are not going anywhere.

If workers’ organizations had more muscle, maybe crucial state services like the Seattle community college where I work could be adequately funded (The share of its funding that comes from the state has been cut in half over the decades!). I say more power for workers and their unions is a good thing.

Steve Hoffman, Seattle