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I’m very disheartened regarding the Kent School Board’s decision to halt the 18-year traditional field trip to Victoria, B.C.

The explanation of concern regarding U.S. re-entry by students doesn’t make sense, and its merit is more than a bit dubious. The last time I crossed the border from Canada to the U.S. (and previously on entry to Canada), I was required to provide a passport. Why are most students, who would have no challenge for re-entry, being denied this opportunity?

All the district would need to do is to verify documentation before a student being enrolled in the field trip, and then verify the documents are in their possession before departure. Then this experience could be embraced and treasured by most of those interested, and the district would be assured there would be no re-entry problems for any of the participants.

Mark Flanery, Auburn


‘Saddened and outraged’

I am saddened and outraged by the Kent School Board’s decision to cancel out-of-country field trips due to illegal immigration.

Surely the undocumented students, as well as their parents, are aware of our U.S. immigration laws. If they are concerned about being denied re-entrance into the United States upon returning from another country, they should forfeit their opportunities to travel outside the U.S. Otherwise, we are sacrificing the rights of the just majority for those of the illegal minority.

Students who are legal citizens should be allowed to participate in the field trips.

Anne D. Bound, Kent