Re: “Protests follow abrupt departure of two Catholic-school teachers” [Feb. 19, Northwest]:

We are parents of two former students at Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien. We attended the rally Tuesday supporting the teachers forced to quit because of their same-sex relationships.

We are not Catholic but found a warm, supportive teaching environment that taught academic subjects in the context of principle, compassion and love, and that encouraged individual thinking and self-reflection.

Had this been an ultraconservative religious school that taught its students to hate and fear those different from themselves, then there would be no story here. But the school and its teachers created a culture that taught love, which is the message depicted in the Bible’s story of Jesus.

Students loved these teachers, and many have expressed that they felt the teachers helped them through difficult times. They felt betrayed. Our daughters had friends there who were LGBT.

The times are changing. People are clearly not going to stand for ancient, hateful dogma anymore. A school cannot teach love, self-awareness and acceptance and then try to put that genie back in the bottle. The Church and the school will either evolve or wither on the vine. Either way, the kids will — as always — be all right.

Leo Brodie and Cynthia Clay, Seattle