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Kellyanne Conway should advise Mr. Trump that he needs to spend far less time in front of his various screens, perusing cyberspace in search of loose cannons “unfairly” maligning him. This is no longer about him.

He now has a country to run, foreign leaders, friend and foe, who wonder how the president-elect can spend his time tweeting retaliatory comments, unworthy of a 9-year-old, to those who accurately address his behaviors.

This is no longer his reality show. This one’s for keeps. Leaders around the world have a higher standard of public behavior, and it’s time to get on board. It’s really and truly for the good of the nation. Mr. Trump will gain respect, even in the eyes of his detractors, if he does “up his game” with these suggestions. Thanks for doing all you can do to “make America grown-up again.”

Doug LeClair, Seattle