Re: “Department of Ecology says more information needed before a decision on proposed Kalama methanol plant” [Oct. 9,]:

The Washington Department of Ecology has done the right thing by requesting that proponents of the Kalama fracked-gas-to-methanol refinery provide details on a viable plan to mitigate greenhouse gas produced. Real 100% mitigation prevents an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas, for example by sequestering CO2. Setting up a mitigation board does not sequester CO2; purchasing “offsets” which are arbitrary CO2 allotments to other companies is unlikely to sequester CO2; planting seedlings sequesters minimally at first.

What would be the world’s largest methanol refinery is enormous and anything less than full, real mitigation would worsen the climate disaster and violate state greenhouse gas reduction goals. Full, real mitigation means proponents must provide evidence that it is possible from day one with mitigation to realistically prevent the refinery from increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Kristin Edmark, Battle Ground