Re: “It’s about more than jobs” [Nov. 4, Opinion]:

The authors support their “pro” stance by stating, “NWIW will create desperately needed jobs in Cowlitz County.” Yes, the need for jobs is real. But the trade-offs cannot be overlooked. Are jobs a good thing if clean air and water are compromised? Are jobs the best priority for a community if quality of life is downgraded?

The authors also state that “the promise of union jobs in the green economy has not been fully realized.” As the green economy is growing, we need to take the long view. Are jobs in the short-term worth endangering our climate for future generations?

Indeed, just a few days after this Op-Ed, more than 11,000 scientists agreed with a Nov. 5 study in BioScience warning of a “climate emergency.” Among the recommendations for change were replacing fossil fuels with renewables, and reducing emissions such as methane.

Clearly, the decision regarding the Kalama methanol refinery will have serious and lasting impacts. The better choice for the long-term is to deny the project.

Jean M. Avery, Vancouver