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The story about the recent killings over drugs involving three brothers living with their homeless mother is tragic on many levels [“Mom’s drug deal brought teens to Jungle, police say,” Page One, Feb. 3].

Whether you are one who helps people out of kindness or are more hard-nosed and insist that people are responsible for their own bad luck, both types of people can agree society would be way better off with those brothers educated, with jobs, not dealing dangerous drugs and paying taxes.

Very few people are born killers and drug dealers, but gradually slip into that life through small steps, each one leading to the next worse level. This becomes the norm over time, not unlike how weight is slowly gained. However, there are many opportunities during this downward path for individuals to break this chain of events, either through their own volition or through help from others.

This story has caught our attention, and as such we would be more likely to pay attention to follow-up stories. A better understanding of how this single family ended up this way could provide important information on how this tragic event could have been avoided and society helped. T

There are lessons to be learned here. We should not let this opportunity slip away.

John D. Locatelli, Maple Valley