Recent local and national events compel us, the professional associations that represent more than 425 Washington judicial officers, to reassert our commitment to eliminate racism, prejudice and inequality in our courts.

Judicial officers must at all times model standards of fairness, impartiality, integrity and competence. We are bound by a Code of Judicial Conduct that requires us to both be and appear to be impartial and fair to all parties and persons appearing in our courts. While individual judicial officers perform our daily work independently, we speak with one voice to condemn words or behavior that violate professional obligations to the public we serve.

Judicial officers across Washington state are committed to eliminating racial stereotyping, bias and insensitivity toward persons appearing before us and the communities we serve.

King County District Court Judge Michelle K. Gehlsen, president, District and Municipal Court Judges’ Association, and King County Superior Court Judge Judith H. Ramseyer, president, Superior Court Judges’ Association