Re: “I can’t support an ideology grounded in Jewish privilege and persecution of Palestinians”:

I was distressed by The Seattle Times’ choice to publish Alice Rothchild’s anti-Zionist column on the Jewish fast day of Tisha B’av, which fell this year on Aug. 11. On this saddest day in the Jewish calendar, Jews mourn the destruction of Jerusalem and its holy temple, first by the Babylonians in 587 BCE and then by Romans in 70 CE, and the subsequent tragedies that befell the Jewish people in exile.

Rothchild calls Zionism a modern invention, but exiled Jews have prayed for their return to Zion for thousands of years. Rothchild seems unaware of the overwhelming historical and archaeological evidence that Israel is the historic homeland of the Jews. There are many large, powerful Arab and Muslim states but only one Jewish state.

Rothchild writes of Jewish privilege. Is that the privilege to be persecuted and killed? Or is it the privilege on this sad day to read that Jews have no right to a secure existence in their historic homeland?

Rochelle Kochin, Seattle