The rift with the Navy is far beyond Whidbey Island.

Citizens of San Juan County, Port Townsend, Fidalgo Island, Forks, Olympic National Park and more have joined together to form the Sound Defense Alliance (SDA). The SDA is most grateful for Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s insistence that the Navy follow the law.

San Juan County publishes a website for reporting egregious overflights of the EA-18 Growler jets. People are having to sell their homes because they cannot stand the barrage of sound, and further, must sign real estate disclosure statements regarding the Growlers. Items are vibrating off people’s shelves in their homes. Homeowners are wearing ear protection inside their homes because of the Growlers. Farmers, gardeners, children playing ballgames, hikers in national parks and monuments, are all subjected to ear splitting noise, sometimes until 1 a.m.

We citizens are not asking to close Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, nor are we against the Navy. We simply want to restore the balance of mutual respect for this amazing world-attracting region.

The Navy needs to be a good neighbor, not an invasive one.


Rhea Y. Miller, Lopez Island