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Thank you for your coverage of the incredible life and sad loss of Jeff Brotman earlier this week. It is well known that he and Jim Sinegal formed the dynamic entrepreneurial duo that created Costco, an institution that has changed the way Americans shop. (Who knew we couldn’t get by without a six-month supply of toilet paper?) Jeff was also an unbelievably generous philanthropist who long supported various arts and education causes in our community, especially at the University of Washington.

While he was a wonderful donor to the UW Medical School, his support of UW School of Law is somewhat lesser known. I can personally attest to this transformative generosity, for I am the holder and beneficiary of the Jeffrey & Susan Brotman Endowed Professorship at the law school.

I feel extraordinarily honored and privileged to hold this professorship, as it has enabled research, scholarship and teaching that focuses on the behavioral incentives created by legal rules, and how law can be utilized to bring private actions in line with social goals. It also allows me to work directly with student research assistants who will shape our society for the next generation.

Steve Calandrillo, Seattle