Accountability for Jan. 6” [Dec. 19, Opinion] is a much-needed piece as we near the anniversary of “MAGA Day,” when rioters incited by former President Donald Trump tried to overthrow the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. Too bad the authors declined to identify the “faction of our leaders” pushing Trump’s Big Lie.

For that, you need to read Jesse Jackson’s “American democracy is under siege” [Dec. 19, Opinion]: “That lie then is used by Republican legislators to push legislative measures designed to make it harder to vote.” He also says, “The Jan. 6 sacking of the Capitol is but a prelude … Citizens of conscience across the country must rise up and demand action before it is too late.”

But how many citizens of conscience remain in the U.S. Congress? Since it appears too afraid to do what it should to protect our nation and the Constitution — expel its treasonous members who keep pushing the Big Lie — the chances of the nation remaining a democracy if Republicans regain the majority seem dim indeed.

Michael Spence, Tukwila