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Double standard

I’m not sure how I feel about FBI Director James Comey’s firing, but I am more sure than ever that the Democrats have come completely off the rails.

Their fervent “resist Trump” tactics are very extreme to say the least, but after spending months blaming the FBI director for Hillary Clinton’s loss, how can they be outraged over his dismissal?

Did they think he would put President Donald Trump in a Russian pillory after giving Clinton a pass on her unsecured server holding classified emails? No chance.

Mark Ursino, Sammamish


History lesson

I’m worried about the firing of James Comey, even though he should be fired. I agree with most of the points the deputy attorney general made in his memo explaining the decision. But this is a prime opportunity for the Trump administration to gain control of the FBI, including the investigation into its own possible culpability.

We need transparency in the selection process of all candidates for this office. We need bipartisan oversight and intense media coverage. We cannot allow this, or any, administration to use the FBI as a tool for its own interests.

I lived in Greece during the 1967 coup d’etat and see some disturbing parallels to today. Nationalism, authoritarianism, free rein of the federal police and largely fabricated alarmism against Greek communists, the “terrorists” of their day, were the established ideology of the right. The coup was defended as “historically necessary” to protect the country from communist takeover, even though the only real threat was an electoral victory of the Center Union Party. Seven years of brutal dictatorship followed, and the country has yet to heal from this undermining of their democracy.

We cannot allow the continued undermining of our own.

Rosemary Adang, Seattle


You’re fired!

Such ingratitude! Just months after FBI Director James Comey, in the opinion of many, tipped the election to Donald J. Trump, President Trump fires him.

R. Wesley Aman, Auburn


Special prosecutor

Was the firing of James Comey the culmination of the Vladimir Putin coup? Can our democracy still be saved?

Now is the time for all Americans to stand together to ask for and to demand a special prosecutor to look into the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Patrick R. McGraner, Brier