I was recently in a feed store and people were buying ivermectin.

The associate said they were having trouble keeping it in stock. It is obvious that there are not that many cows and horses suddenly needing worming. Where are the state agencies that are supposed to be watching out for the public?

If a doctor is actually prescribing this drug for COVID symptoms, the state licensing board should be asking what specialized training do these doctors have or what data do they have that CDC does not.

The CDC clearly states that ivermectin should not be used to treat COVID. At best they are experimenting on the public and at worst they are giving people access to a dangerous drug.

I am a licensed engineer and if I practiced outside my area of expertise, I could lose my license. The state medical board should investigate and take action. Retailers who sell this drug have a moral responsibility to be sure that the person buying it is using it for its intended purpose. The Attorney General and state pharmacy board should investigate sellers to ensure public safety. COVID is killing enough people, we shouldn’t be poisoning them, too!

Steven Tochko, Issaquah