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THE article on University of Washington President Michael Young leaving for Texas A&M says a lot about what is backwards in today’s society.

Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp is quoted as saying, “He will be one of the best paid college presidents in the state of Texas. He probably won’t make what an assistant football coach makes, but he’ll be paid darn well.” Regardless of where an assistant football coach’s salary comes from, the fact that someone who is responsible for so little (Xs and Os) can command a salary greater than someone who is responsible for so much is indicative of a society that has lost its sense of priorities and moral direction.

At a time when schools have lost so much in state funding, the fact that so much is given, by those who can afford it, to narrowly focused sports programs that affect such a small group of students and not to programs that affect the broader student body and society in general is a sad and telling narrative of where priorities have drifted.

Wade Zinn, Poulsbo