Re: “PAC spending fueled elections”:

Seattle City Councilmember M. Lorena González states that many Americans “have lost faith that their vote even counts at all when we have a super-PAC system like the one we do now …”

It’s not super-PACs’ fault that we’ve lost faith. It’s because most representatives stop listening once elected. They do what they want, often without constituent consultation.

Consider the last four years of homelessness spending. Are we better off? The problem is just as bad, mostly worse. The King County Courthouse entrance on Third Avenue is one example.

Has traffic gotten better? West Seattle to downtown routinely takes 30-45 minutes to go those six or so miles. I’d use Metro, but it rarely goes where I need to.

Do we feel government leaders are good stewards of our taxes? There’s never enough money, although city tax revenues are higher than they’ve ever been.

How about self-serving legislation? González’ Clean Campaigns Act proposal limits contributions to most independent PACs to $5,000, unless the funding comes from 150 or more individuals like labor-union members, who supported her. If you’re setting a limit, it should apply to everyone equally.

That’s why we’ve lost faith. It’s not PACs, it’s the elected representatives.

Alan Caswell, Seattle