Re: “Attacking Seattle Jews does not resolve Middle East conflict” [May 22, Opinion]:

From the founding of our country, it could be argued that we had the greatest democracy in the world. But this was only true for those who happened to be white men. Similarly, the argument that Israel is a democracy whitewashes the real underlying issue. It would be as if we responded to the systemic racism in our own country by focusing only on the protests related to the movement for racial justice rather than the injustices that sparked them.

I happened to be at the Seattle protest. Many pro-justice Jews participated in it as well. I did not see any of the attacks mentioned in the Op-Ed against the handful of counterprotesters. In fact, the messaging was not to engage with them.

The systematic ethnic cleansing that Palestinians endure every day that precipitated this round of violence was the violent eviction of Palestinians from their own homes in Sheikh Jarrah and the brutal attacks against Palestinian worshippers on the holiest night of Ramadan at one of the holiest shrines (Al-Aqsa).

Why should our tax dollars, amounting to several billion dollars a year, go to support such a system instead of more pressing things here like health care?

Ahmad Alkabra, Bellevue