Re: “When Fighting Erupts Between Israel and Hamas, Charges of War Crimes Follow” [May 16, Nation & World]:

At the conclusion of a 1968 tour of biblical sites in Israel, we learned that there had been shelling again on the Golan Heights. Our Jewish Israeli bus driver and our Christian Palestinian guide embraced each other in tears. According to former Secretary of State John Kerry, currently special presidential envoy for climate, in his account of months of painful negotiation in his memoir “Every Day is Extra,” the two I met in Israel represent the hopes of the vast majority, hopes frustrated by political leaders on either side who fear losing their positions of power.

How tragically ironic that current Israeli political leaders treat Palestinians with the kind of discrimination Jewish people have sought to escape, and the violent response from Hamas undermines those Israelis seeking equal treatment of Palestinians.

The Rev. Dr. Donald E. Mayer, Seattle