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Kudos to guest columnist John McKay for teaching the U.S.-sponsored rule-of-law program to the people of Gaza [“Israel’s security means ending its oppression of Palestinians,” Opinion, Aug. 8]. How well have they learned? Is it lawful to attack your neighbor with rockets and mortars? I don’t think so. Is it lawful to defend yourself? I would say so.

It is regretful that so many Gazan lives were lost, but is it lawful to place artillery positions in the middle of civilian populations?

How lawful is it to accept funds from the United Nations supposedly for the benefit of civilians but divert those funds to build tunnels burrowing under Israel to enable terrorists to attack civilians in Israel?

The truth about Israel is that it’s home to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Should the day come when the leaders in Gaza repudiate their official goal of destroying Israel and follow the rule of law, maybe peace would have a chance. Until then, McKay, it is about Israel’s security.

Harry M. Reichenberg, Federal Way