Re: “PCC to open in Central District”:

My family has memberships at PCC and Central Co-Op, and my spouse works at Central Co-Op. I was concerned to see PCC’s plans for a new store in the space at 23rd Avenue and Union Street no longer to be occupied by New Seasons.

PCC’s announcement of wanting to bring a grocery store to the area is disingenuous because it fails to mention that it is placing itself in direct competition with Central Co-Op, just a few blocks away. Central Co-Op has served the neighborhood for decades with its Central District store and has a second store in Tacoma. Its staff is also unionized and receives benefits, and it carries products by many small regional producers that can’t provide the large supply that PCC demands.

PCC is the nation’s biggest co-op by far, with 13 stores and more opening soon. Big is not necessarily bad, but this move demonstrates that PCC is focused on growth at the expense of a core principle of cooperative business: cooperation among co-ops.

Does PCC care broadly about cooperative businesses and workers in the Puget Sound region, or just about ruthless, corporate-style expansion?

Adair Rounthwaite, Seattle