Re: “How will the Fed’s biggest interest rate hike since 1994 affect you?” [June 15, Business]:

How will the higher interest rate impact me? It will cause lost sleep and anxiety, it will cause stress and helplessness. It will highlight the compassion I feel for the families that I have provided for this year through the Bothell High School Cougar Pantry.

These are hard-working people, and they want only the best for their children. Just the rise in gas prices has impacted them, making them make sacrifices in other ways.

The price of food goes up every single week and, honestly, my husband and I are able to purchase what we need. But, for these families and others, this interest rate rising will be devastating. How will these families survive? What can we do as a nation to take care of our neighbors? I am devastated for them and their future.

Wendy Wands, Woodinville