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As a stockholder, I love what Bill Gates has done for Microsoft over the years, but disagree with his support of Initiative 1631. It is flawed and simply another source of money to support politicians’ agenda.

I do not disagree with the concept, just this initiative’s convoluted design. We should prioritize all polluters based on their carbon footprint. Then we should negotiate a time table, the percentage of improvement at each milestone and penalties when agreed-upon goals are not met. In this manner, our efforts are not so draconian and are more visible.

As proposed, I-1631 is simply a variation of Sound Transit’s “Trust Us with $54 Billion of Your Money.” After they voted for that, Washingtonian’s were surprised and amazed their car tabs and property taxes increased significantly. Vote for I-1631 and, unless you have Gates’ type of money, you may again be surprised that your money is supporting this Initiative.

Pay attention and vote no. Insist that your legislator do it correctly.

Richard A. Virant, Bothell