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Regarding the restrictions on antique ivory in Initiative 1401 [“Initiative seeks to stem slaughter of elephants, other threatened wildlife,” News, Oct. 20]: I inherited my mother’s ivory flapper beads, ivory carved elephant necklace and intricately carved ivory calling-card case purchased in the 1920s. All are 100 percent ivory.

There is absolutely no way I can acquire the documentation this bill would require. I am 78 years old and in no way rich like Paul Allen. This bill takes away my ability to sell these items if needed. I can only will them to my daughter or granddaughter, who also could not sell them.

This part of the bill is overkill. It makes my heirlooms valueless and won’t save elephants in Africa. I am all for clamping down on the illegal sale of poached ivory and would have voted for this bill if not for this part.

Besides, as noted in the recent news article, “ … the U.S. ivory market does not appear a significant threat to elephant populations.” Vote “no.”

Mary Ann Peterson, Chelan