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Community health centers strongly agree with The Times editorial board that Initiative 1366 would be devastating for our state [“Voters should reject Initiative 1366,” Opinion, Oct 4]. At a time when the Legislature is being held accountable to adequately fund education and mental-health services, passage of I-1366 would make it impossible to fulfill those obligations and put large targets on other essential services.

Health care was largely out of the budget fray last year because of Medicaid expansion and the positive benefits that increased health-care coverage brought to the state. But this was after years of many devastating cuts. If I-1366’s sales-tax reduction comes to pass, eliminating $8 billion over the next six years, health care would certainly be back in the crosshairs.

Seeing our patients able to get their health on track with new coverage over the past two years has been incredibly rewarding. It would be heartbreaking to see that progress reversed and lives negatively affected as the result of Tim Eyman tampering with our state constitution.

On behalf of our patients, I will be voting no.

Mark Secord, Seattle, CEO of Neighborcare Health