The David Ditch column can kindly be referred to as vacuous. [“With inflation raging, Congress must end spending spree,” Nov. 26, Opinion]:

Ditch’s comments are a criticism of the infrastructure package as wasteful spending on mass transit (nobody uses it) and “unnecessary handouts to state governments.”

Some other “wasteful” things the bill allows for are:

Bridges, clean drinking water, high-speed internet, clean energy and a national electric-grid system. Our state gets an “unnecessary” $8.6 billion allocated under local discretion rather than apportioned by Congress.

To some, the difference between “spending” and “investment” is lost. I believe the infrastructure bill invests in this country’s economic engine to foster its economic growth, much like the new roof I put on my house.

The interstate highway system of the 1950s was an infrastructure investment lesson learned — but, apparently, not by all.

Isn’t this $1.2 trillion better than giving $1.9 trillion in tax breaks to the top 2%, as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act did in 2017? While penalizing teachers, low-income families and education programs, it reduced infrastructure spending by $95 billion.

This initiative is long overdue. We all need to speak out against the sad and dubious sentiments exposed by this writing.

Christopher Lee Smith, Bainbridge Island