Re: “Seattle mayor on right track to end RV abuses”:

You strongly back Mayor Jenny Durkan’s effort to remove beat-up RVs from Seattle’s streets, and cited (with some wit) the city’s place in the “Zombie RV life cycle.”

If “car-ranchers” are taking advantage of the system to make their profits off our poorest, they of course must be stopped — but not at the expense of those same poorest citizens.

Yes, a decrepit RV is a terrible place to live, but I suspect that a decrepit RV is still a real improvement over a ratty old tent by the interstate — and too many people might feel it is the only alternative to keep their families together.

A decrepit RV, even if it can’t be driven, has a roof and four walls, and has a door that can be locked. That makes it far safer than a tent under a bridge, as well as more likely to keep the rain out.

Yes, get rid of the predatory scum — but not at the expense of the destitute family just trying to survive in a city where rents have skyrocketed.

Francis C. Zanger, Seattle