No president has been perfect. Presidents are human beings, and every human being has flaws. But I think when we put a person in the highest office in the land, we should expect that person to represent the best in us — not the worst.

I believe President Donald Trump represents the worst in us. His history of abandoning and threatening our allies; removing protections for our environment; disrespecting and demeaning the handicapped, women and minorities; scamming students out of money with his fake university; refusing to pay his workers; calling a part of our Constitution (the document he pledged to protect when he took the oath of office) “phony”; and hiring incompetent people for cabinet positions simply because they donated to his campaign — these are not the actions of an honorable human being.

The United States has lost the respect of our allies, and we are in grave danger of losing our democracy. For the good of our country, Trump needs to be removed from office.

Karen Molenaar Terrell, Bow