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As a first-generation Mexican-American, I am sick of the negative media backlash President Donald Trump and his administration are receiving because of their willingness and commitment to prosecute those who violate our immigration laws.

We need to secure our borders. Our president is not the one separating children from their parents. These parents have themselves to blame. My parents came into this country legally and raised 13 children in modest dwellings. My father never collected welfare or went asking for a handout. Three of us served in the military, myself included. These individuals want to jump the line and know how to navigate the system. They share information and teach each other the right words to say — wife abuse, fleeing violence, etc.

I feel sorry for their children, too, and agree they are the real victims here, but it’s on the parents. What are they teaching their children? It’s OK to break the law, lie and manipulate the system?

And as for Nicholas Kristof, who states, we must “protect our soul,” let God worry about our souls, not President Trump. He has enough on his plate taking this country where it needs to go.

Graciela (Gracie) Lange, Bellevue, Maj. (retired), U.S. Army